Advice to My Witnesses


by Day R. Williams, Attorney at Law

1.    Dress well for court. No tank tops, no shorts, no halter bras, no short skirts, no sandals. Do not wear a hat or sunglasses into the courtroom. Do not chew gum.

2.    Before you enter the courtroom, the bailiff will ask you to go through a scanner. Do not bring knives, guns, other weapons, pagers, or cell phones to court.

3.    Do not volunteer information when you are on the stand. Do not talk to the Judge unless the Judge directly questions you.

4.    Do not engage in distracting activity while opposing counsel is arguing or questioning witnesses. Do not indicate approval, disapproval, or make any other reaction to a witness’s testimony or to counsel’s arguments.

5.    During court proceedings, do not make body gestures or facial contortions.

6.    Be on time.

7.    If you are a party, you will sit beside your lawyer. If you are a witness, you may have to wait outside the courtroom until you are called. Bring reading material. Do not talk about the case to anyone but me, except to tell the bailiff to what case you were summoned to appear, while you are waiting.

8.    Keep your voice down while you are waiting outside the courtroom. In the courtroom you should not talk while the trial or hearing is in progress, unless of course you are called to testify.


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