Health Care

My sixth grade teacher wrote two words on the blackboard (that was before Smart Boards): “Responsibility” and “Independence.” The words stayed on the blackboard all year long. With the rise of the “Nanny State,” I have to wonder what teachers put on their Smart Boards today. Is it “Depend on Big Brother”? “Blame the Rich”? “It’s Never Your Fault”?
My ancestors came over on a wagon train. They didn’t look to government handouts. They made their own way by their own strength and effort. This very country was founded on responsibility and independence. We didn’t need King George and we don’t need King Obama, the media darling, or European socialism. What we need is to use our backbones and get to work on our own lives without looking for a government handout.
I don’t mind federal regulation of trucking and flying. It makes sense. But when the liberals expand the Commerce Clause to the gardens in our back yards, and now to try to force us to buy something (health insurance), the Commerce Clause has lost its bearings. This country was founded on individual rights and states’ rights, and the idea was to prevent the rise of Big Government. The federal government cannot tell me what I have to buy. I will exercise responsibility and independence to take care of my family’s health care. Obamacare’s “individual mandate” should be struck down as unconstitutional.